As an educator, I prioritize my students' natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. In my studio classes, I make sure to set aside enough time for workshops and hands-on activities. I view myself as a guide, equipped with a broad knowledge of the subject matter, who can steer students towards exciting concepts and projects. Personally, I am a lifelong learner and I aim to inspire my students to adopt a similar mindset. I find motivation in exploring the topics that constantly occupy my thoughts and define my identity. I believe that intrinsic rewards from learning and research are incredibly valuable, making the pursuit of knowledge worthwhile. I encourage experimentation and creativity in my assignments, looking forward to seeing unexpected and unique submissions reflecting my students' passions and interests. Communication is crucial to me, and I make a point to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where my students feel heard and supported.

From June to August 2023, I taught an undergraduate class at UCLA Design Media Arts department's summer session. The class is called Interactivity, a class about introducing students to computer programming fundamentals (statements, variables, conditionals, loops, functions, object orientation, and arrays) within a visual arts context.

The final project is about creating a sentient mirror leveraging ml5.js and p5.js. Students are free to imagine what sentient mirrors are. The class lasts six weeks, has 17 students and we meet 7.5 hours per week. It's a studio class, so students actively participate in making art with code during every session. As the instructor of the class, I guide students conceptually, aesthetically, and technically.

Syllabus & Student works

Four Components of a For-Loop Worksheets
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> Creative exercise results

While at UCLA, I served as TAs for (Desma 28) Interactivity, (Desma 10) Design Culture, (Desma 160) Bio- Nanotechnology Plus Design, (Honors 177) Biotechnology and Art, and (Desma 9) Art, Science, and Technology.

During the summer of 2022, I served as an instructor at UCLA Design Media Arts (DMA) department's summer institute. The subject was NET. The course surveyed works of net.artists since the emergence of net.art in the 1990s. It’s about guiding high schoolers to create projects that use web pages as canvases for creative expression. They are also introduced to a software tool to create animated pixel art. During the two-week program, I guided 76 high school students step by step to create a postmodern timeline of three events that happened during the year they were born.

Student works: Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4 | Group 1-4 Pixel Art | Awards


A lecture on Net.Art Slides