Artist Statement

In my computer art, I aim to explore what is considered unconventional, seeking to break free from the monotony of everyday life. I look for unpredictable elements to incorporate into my art. My art reflects my excitement, expressed through vibrant colors. The question, "What does it mean to be gay and Asian?" is central to my art practice. I also interact with AI. Anything that AI can easily create becomes a new form of artlessness, but it also serves as a starting point for me to explore new directions.


TC Zhou is an LA-based computational media artist of Asian descent. He combines creative coding with gay literature written in literary Chinese. He blends programming and natural languages (in both Chinese and English) to create generative art that is interactive and animated. His work is driven by machine intelligence, producing endless variations. In addition, TC Zhou creates experimental queer games that explore queer lives. TC Zhou's games draw on his own experiences and have covered topics such as gay liberation, sex education, destigmatization, queer temporality, and the human sexuality spectrum. TC Zhou received an MFA in media arts from UCLA and a B.S. in Computer Science from NYU. He was a panelist at the UCLA Queer Graduate Research Conference (2022 & 2023). His work was shown at V2_ lab (Rotterdam), SIGGRAPH, Top Art Space (Guangzhou), UCLA, Spectra Studio (LA) and Art Machines 2 (CityU Hong Kong).

[PDF] TC Zhou Artist Portfolio