Heart (2021)

Artist: TCZ [TengChaoZhou]
Media+Materials: branch & digital fabrication, WebVR
Height: 30 cm / 12 inch


There is an epidemic of loneliness. We might think that I'm the only lonely person while everyone else is happy. But no, loneliness is prevalent.

The actual rejection or the expectation of rejection is what makes us lonely. This work is a reflection of my accumulated experience of being rejected. Though a gay man creates the work, it is for everyone.

The pain, anger, and depression that might follow a rejection need to be taken care of; otherwise, they might get out of control. It's crucial to manage the pain and recover quickly.

Time heals. Let yourself feel angry. You might need to endure pain and a depressive mood for a few days, but they will go away. Being loved accelerates the healing, but not everyone has the luxury.

Reference: The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness



The artwork continues my inquiry of connecting computation to nature.

The forms of the two printed "robots" attached to the tree are inspired by the seedballs of Oriental plane tree.